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Sooo… long time no talk huh?

It’s been a busy few months on this end with the birth of my second daughter, the sale of a house, the (ongoing) construction of a new one, moving in with my in-laws, still living with my in-laws, a recovered economy keeping me running at work – at one point traveling for six straight weeks, we took a vacation to Montana, and did I mention we’re still living with my in-laws?  Somewhere in there I accepted the opportunity to take my writing over to the ChicagoNow community.

I make this move with some trepidation as I’ve taken More >

I Need Wheels To Mimic Michael

Sorry if I’ve been a little despondent of late.  I’ve been working on my rollerblading routine below.  Let me know what you think…

A Penny For Your Thoughts

It’s late, I’ve been working like a dog recently, The Wife is in the homestretch of pregnancy, and just about every other facet of my life seems to be up in the air here of late.  Mostly these are all good things but forming cognitive sentences not I’m good at the moment.

So as opposed to a well thought out article with a clever take on something going on in the world I figured I’d basically just do a brain dump on you here.  Welcome back the tried and true Quick Quips format…

  • I think things have broken about as well as More >