Sooo… long time no talk huh?

It’s been a busy few months on this end with the birth of my second daughter, the sale of a house, the (ongoing) construction of a new one, moving in with my in-laws, still living with my in-laws, a recovered economy keeping me running at work – at one point traveling for six straight weeks, we took a vacation to Montana, and did I mention we’re still living with my in-laws?  Somewhere in there I accepted the opportunity to take my writing over to the ChicagoNow community.

I make this move with some trepidation as I’ve taken More >

I Need Wheels To Mimic Michael

Sorry if I’ve been a little despondent of late.  I’ve been working on my rollerblading routine below.  Let me know what you think…

Signs of the Apocalypse

Good morning happy readers,

I wanted to just put out a quick note that some other worldly factors prevented me from putting a post together last night – namely the fact that I was up until 4am Sunday reading The Hunger Games, Tim Tebow competently threw a football in a spiraling fashion, and the Hawks crapped the bed yet again to rival Detroit – so I just decided to crawl under the covers last night and pretend Sunday, January 8th never really happened. 

What?  You’re looking at me like reading a tween-serial drama is the worst part of that sentence.  It’s good.  More >

I’m Baaaaaackkkkk…

Hi all,

After a week in wine country where I found little time for posting between tastings, I am back in the fold this morning.  Well, not technically this morning as I have to attend to some of my paying job duties but fear not, I’ll be providing a steaming pile of content over the next few days to catch up.  Thanks for staying with me and I promise my vacation season is over for 2011.  Check back tomorrow as I get back into the swing of things.