Quick Quips

Quick Quips 4/4/11

I was all set to write a fresh take, uniquely twisted view of tonight’s NCAA Championship game but how many synonyms are there for the word “clang”?  Tonight is a microcosm of everything wrong with kids leaving for the NBA before they’ve properly simmered in their college juices.  You’re telling me this isn’t a better tournament if Kentucky still had their starting five from last year, Butler had Gordon Heyward, Georgetown had Greg Monroe, etc.?  Heck, Derrick Rose could be a senior for Memphis right now.  Can you imagine the wreckage he’d leave in his wake in this field?

So instead More >

Quick Quips

I am currently amidst my second of three weeks in Vegas in 2011 and yet again find writing time to be at a premium given the evening distractions this town has to offer.  In the name of publishing content, below please find my latest edition of Quick Quips – Vegas Style…

  • I love how you can find a coffe stand out here that sells a $4 cup of normal black coffee and think to yourself, finally, a place that isn’t ripping me off.
  • I spent some time at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum this week for a party (the drinks were free, give me a break) and my More >

Back On The Horse

Soooo… this is what life without a deadline is like huh?  And about all those promised pieces at regular intervals… Well this is reality and you can suck it up quite frankly so please enjoy and keep coming back as I’m in Chicago all week and running out of reality shows to watch.  Let’s be honest, the Real Housewives of Miami just didn’t take.  So, as I put together some legitimate posts let’s go back to the tried and true extended Quick Quips model just to get the juices flowing.

  • Had a good trip through Texas last week making stops in Dallas, More >

Quick Quips 2/3/11

Have you all spent the last forty-eight hours performing a combination of the following: shoveling, shivering, aching, crying, swearing, drinking, sleeping, squirrel hunting, eating white snow, eating yellow snow, cursing the snow plows for not coming, cursing the snow plows for making a wall at the end of your freshly shoveled driveway, cursing ComEd, starting a fire, making yellow snow and then eating it, and watching movies? 

If so we have more in common than you may think.  While going stir crazy on day two of The Greatest Storm of the Century Until the Next One Comes Along here are my More >