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This Is What Democracy Looks Like…

This past weekend it was my turn to dive into the thirty-year-old pool (Epsom salts included).  As noted in a previous post, The Wife and I have made ourselves regulars on the 30th birthday party circuit of late and thus I figured I’d enjoy this occasion in the relative obscurity of my obscure relatives and we headed north to celebrate Birthday Weekend in style.

I capitalize “Birthday Weekend” as it’s practically an official holiday in my world.  My sister’s birthday is February 24th, and in the next seventeen days my Mom, my niece, my dog, and I all celebrate our entrance More >

Motel California

My expense account took me to California this week, and for being what I would consider a man about town at best or well traveled at worst, I must say the whole California thing has never taken for me.  My previous experiences with the state involved a drive down from Oregon into the very northern corner of the state to see some red woods when I was seven, a Rose Bowl appearance in Pasadena where I brought in the year 2000 on the Santa Monica beach (no complaints there), and a quick convention in La Jolla a few years ago.  More >

The Big Three-Ohhh….

It has come to my attention that turning thirty is quite the vogue thing to do these days amongst my group of friends.  Please allow me to take this opportunity to nip this trend in the bud.  I understand that aging and getting older are inevitable facts of life, I learned this from Mrs. Garrett when I was seven, but this thirty thing just isn’t taking.  I’m not one of those people scared of getting older as I truly do have a greater appreciation of things the more time I spend on this plant.  I would argue (and have done so More >

Ready For More ‘Shore’

It’s Friday night, I’ve had a full day of phone calls, emails, and all the crap they pay me for, and I was told by the new doggie daycare place we take our dog to during the day (our fourth in 3 years) that she needs to be better trained or they won’t allow her back.  There’s nothing quite as emasculating as essentially being told you’re a bad parent or you have an unruly child but it’s not even your real life kid.  Fatherhood here I come.  If it were in the late 1980s I’d say it’s ‘Miller Time’ but More >

2011: An Advanced Look at the Year in Review

The title is not a typo.  Please allow me to flex my flux capacitor and let’s take a look back at the year ahead.

January 2011

Finally we can make the – it goes to eleven – joke for a whole 365 days.  Of all the years to not be a leap year.  History is made as the Big Ten lays a Big Egg in the New Year’s Day bowl games.  I’m not sure if it was a feat for the Legends or maybe serves as a sign that Leaders need to emerge.  Even their new member Nebraska wasn’t up to husk in More >

Winter Recreation Code of Conduct

As the temperatures creeps into the fifties and we’re reminded of all the brown spots that await us in our yards come springtime, I figure now to be a good time to discuss some general rules of thumb we should all be reminded of in regards to outdoor recreation in the winter months.  Think of this as the first intermission in the hockey game of life.  I don’t need to tell you Chicagoans, but don’t be fooled by this heat wave; it’s going to get cold again, it’s going to snow, and we’re going to be complaining about it until More >

Merry Christmas – That’s right, I said it….

Merry Christmas to all – except for those who take offense to such non-generic greetings.  For you I have nothing.  Who are those people by the way?  I know more people who complain about people who take offense to such secular greeting but have yet to actual meet such a person.  There’s a whole slew of websites justifying their right to greet as they see fit but who exactly is complaining about it in the first place?  Maybe no one is and it’s just a fun way to get Christians, right wing Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh listeners, Warlocks, and the like riled More >

People With Exotic Pets Should Be Caged

One of the little pleasantries of my job is that it allows me to travel quite a bit and get to experience these wonderful United States as well as some wonderful parts of Canada… and I also sometimes go to Quebec.  This week I find myself in Atlanta which, despite the abundance of sweet tea and Chick-Fil-A restaurants, is a rather crap place in all.  Did you know it gets down into the 20-30° temperature range in December?  Neither did I.  And guess what, these Southerners bitch about 28° F like Chicagoan’s complain about asshole stands that put ketchup on More >