Ever since The Wife & I went to the hospital to bring our wee-one into the world on April 4th (technically our little bundle didn’t arrive until the morning of the 5th) I feel like I’ve been a bit out of the loop.  While a diet of staring at babies, eating takeout food, watching daytime TV, more staring at babies, attending doctor’s appointments, changing diapers, eating dinners people bring over when they come to stare at the baby, has it’s perks; one of the pieces of this lifestyle I find lacking is in feeling a connectedness to the world around us.  It’s like those people who watch the news all day but really don’t have a sense as to what’s actually going on.

It was a sad reality waking up this morning realizing that this past ten day stretch is probably as long a stretch of time that I will get to spend directly with my daughter perhaps in the next 40+ years.  Outside of some currently unplanned two week vacations in the next eighteen years, or my being decrepit & bed-ridden needing to guilt her into waiting on me hand and foot in fifty years, when else am I going to have 24/7 access to her?  It’s rather sobering.  So I’ve taken to cherishing these past few days and hours with her before returning to the rat race Monday morning. 

Amidst all the downtime I’ve found my mental inbox filling up and the only way to clear it out is through the tried and true… Quick Quips

  • Do you ever find yourself driving and noting a car that you pass or that is sitting in your rearview mirror for a duration of time, only for you to look away for what seems to be a split second and then when you check to see where the car is now it is nowhere to be found?  I call these “Ghost Cars” and the phenomenon has been happening to me more and more of late.  The car is there one minute and completely gone the next.  I’ve narrowed the cause of this down to two possible solutions: there’s either a glitch in the matrix or my drinking blackouts have carried over into my sober hours.  Neither is a fantastic solution to the problem.  This happens to you too right?
  • For all you Cubs fans looking for quick fixes for this year’s big league club might I remind you of the patience we all promised to exude back in October the day Theo was hired?  The biggest complaint from Cubs fans I’ve heard year after year (aside from why haven’t we won a World Series?) is about there being a lack of a big picture plan for the organization.  Well guess what, Theo’s got one and now we just need to let it unfold.  I hold no secret insider knowledge as to its content, however I will promise you that it does not involve the Cubs winning the title this year let alone before the calendar flips to May.  A true Cubs fan needs to be keeping an eye on the minor leagues and watching our little apple tree grow rather than demanding Granny Smith’s from a sapling.  If you’re not doing so already, make the Cubs Minor League Daily at www.bleachernation.com a regular web destination (or follow on Twitter @BleacherNation) and board this elevator on the ground floor.  Your baseball entertainment in 2012 is coming from Des Moines, West Tennessee, Daytona, Peoria, & Boise this year rather than at Clark & Addison.
  • DirecTV and I are not getting along.  With the storms in the area I have both missed overtime in the Blackhawks game Saturday night and the first ten minutes of MadMen on Sunday.  It’s 2012, why on Earth is my TV service still affected by the weather?  I never thought I’d say this but Comcast, I know we broke up two years ago, but maybe do you want to go grab a coffee or something?
  • Speaking of those Blackhawks… that’s some exciting hockey huh?  Talk about must see TV.  Did you know the Hawks went to overtime in Games 6 & 7 last year in the Vancouver series making it four straight playoff games for our Blackhawks that have required extra time?  On top of that, in the Game 7 loss last year the Canucks were winning 1-0 when Jonathan Toews scored shorthanded at the 1:56 mark of the 3rd period to send the game to overtime.  That makes three straight playoff games where the Hawks have needed to score in the final two minutes just to stay alive.  It’s gripping hockey.  Also, Mike Smith (Phoenix’s goalie) deserves a Tony award – because it’s for bigger pansies than the more recognizable Oscar.
  • The NHL is two to three games into each series and thus far they have done nothing but put their best foot forward.  Despite the NBA lockout getting resolved in December, I still think this season is the year that the NHL takes major strides in stealing viewers and fan loyalty from their basketball brethren.  Particularly if the NBA and it condensed schedule results in continued injuries and an inferior product come playoff time, the NHL stands to benefit more than anyone.  Who doesn’t want to watch this…

or this…

  • Having had time to think further about the Bulls vs. Heat game from last Thursday night – I am leaning more and more towards believing it was a good thing for the Bulls.  Obviously a win is always good but there was some serious debate as to whether having the Bench Mob squeak out a victory was actually a bigger success than the Heat being able to take solace in the fact that they know how to shutdown Derrick Rose heading into the playoffs.  I think the win gives the Bulls both a lock on the #1 seed (meaning home court advantage) as well as the confidence in knowing they can beat the Heat even when they don’t play a perfect game.  Also, for the record, put me down in the minority that I think both Derrick and Rip’s injuries are going to end up being a blessing in disguise.  If they have chemistry from playing these last ten games together as well as fresh legs going into the playoffs, I think they will have another gear that other teams will not. 
  • What’s protocol on the whole cigars when a baby is born thing?  Should I have an endless supply of them on me at all time and be handing them out?  Should people be giving them to me?  If I’m supposed to have them, who do you give them to and where do you draw the line?  Does my dad get one but not my neighbor?  I have no answers to this but what I do know is I’ve had a baby for ten days now and have yet to take a single puff from a stogie.  I have ripped some great lines of Columbian grade baby powder however.
  • Hey White Sox fans, pretty interesting what can happen when your manager stays out of the limelight and lets the play on the field do the talking huh?
  • With that said, why in the world does MLB care about Ozzie Guillen’s take on Fidel Castro?  I get that the Marlins would call this a bad PR move, but they knew what they were getting into when they brought him on board as far as outlandish comments go, but why it’s news outside of Miami is beyond me.
  • If given the option, do all of your shopping and errand running midmorning on weekdays.  It’s like the world has shutdown except for mothers with their children and the elderly.  It’s glorious.  You can easily double your efficiency in getting projects done compared to attempting the same feat on a weekend. 

Ok, my Quips tank is back on empty and I’ve got exactly an hour until Monday has officially arrived and the “real world” slaps me in the face again.  I’m going to take these next 60 minutes to hold The Baby as tight as I can and milk every last drop out of this ten day hiatus.  It’s been fantastic and as I’m sure much like the rest of my daughter’s life will be, it’s gone too fast.