Summer is upon us and May sweeps are soon to be a thing of the past.  The Bulls and Blackhawks have crapped their respective beds and the Cubs began playing for next year fourteen months ago.  The Bears have promise but they don’t setup the goalposts in Bourbonnais until July 30th.  Basically I’m lost on an island where TV has abandoned me and I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous.

It was a short eight months ago that I bid farewell to my favorite summer TV escapes when both “Entourage” and “Rescue Me” opted to call it a wrap at the end of summer 2011.  But now as I look ahead to the warm months before me, and the moments when The Baby forces me to stay inside due to the heat, I have no idea where my entertainment will come from (let’s be honest, the siren song of the AC is a stronger pull than The Baby’s needs, but I need a place to dump the blame and she can’t fight back yet). 

Just this weekend, at the end of “Mad Men” they announced that there are only three episodes left in their season.  It feels like it just got started.  I think I’m still recovering my LSD trip three weeks ago as I have a little game I play on Sunday nights where I ingest whatever Roger Sterling does and see what comes of it.  How can the end be so near?  That leaves me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ delightful “Veep” on Sundays along with Lena Dunham’s creepy 21st century “Degrassi High” knockoff “Girls”, and that’s seriously about it. 

Before moving on, please allow me a quick tangent on “Girls.”  I know that it’s the darling of the TV critics and entertainment circles this spring, but am I going to be ostracized if I say that I don’t really like it?  It’s a twenty-two minute mess of unattractive young adults bumping uglies between dealing with high school problems.  If you follow Twitter and the “right” circles on the inter-web it’s damn near blasphemy to speak poorly of young Ms. Dunham’s project, and for the record, no I did not have an HBO development deal at the age of 24, so yes there are a good deal of sour grapes in this tirade.  I thought The Wife & I were alone in this sentiment (The Wife hates the show with passion rarely seen) until I came across Tess Lynch’s piece on on the subject.  It’s is like she stole the thoughts from my head and recorded them via digital pixels.  Because of this I won’t get into the matter any further, just read the piece and you’ll know how I feel. 

Sure “The Bachelorette” just started (and who wouldn’t want to watch Emily for an hour each week?  Sha-wing!), but as noted previously “The Bachelor” is the better version of the franchise if given the option.  Otherwise I’m running on empty for the foreseeable future, there’s no definition to what will be beamed at me in High Definition for the next few months.  “Modern Family” & “Parks & Recreation” have finished strong, while “The Office” went out with a whimper.  “30 Rock” is headed into it’s final season next fall and “Community” might as well be.  Even “saturday Night Live” pulled the plug until next fall with a fantastic send off for Kristen Wiig.  Beyond that there’s really nothing out there.  I’ll admit it, it’s a little bit frightening.  I feel so alone.

So what do I do now?  I turn to you loyal readers for direction.  Is there quality TV that somehow has been kept off my radar?  Am I wrong to think “Duck Dynasty” might be better than you may initially assume?  Shall I turn my attentions to the outdoors and the greater world at large?  Do you have any books that you would recommend?  Any luck with those turkey chili recipes from the Contacts tab?  It’s a big world out there and I think it’s time to explore it.  Damn you summer television schedule, damn you straight to hell…