I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and had to bundle up – winter hat and all – for my morning run with my dog.  Today’s date is April 18th.  It touched 80 degrees two weeks ago.  Mother Nature can get bent.  We go through this every year in Chicago, you know it’s coming, you know not to get your hopes up, but every year I get sucked right back in.  It’s no wonder we’re as tolerant as we are with the Cubs.  With that said, I once heard that the death knell in any conversation is when you bring up the weather.  Without further ado, I present to you Quick Quips…

  • Derrick Rose.  There’s nothing more to say.
  • I think we saw Indiana’s fastball Saturday afternoon.  They came into Chicago with the underdog/everyone’s against us/we have nothing to lose mentality and pushed the Bulls to the brink.  When it’s all said and done I think they played their best game (shooting over 46% from the field and 55% from the arc) and the Bulls have a lot more to give. 
  • If gambling were legal I’d take a good hard look at that Bulls minus 12 for tonight’s game
  • Carlos Boozer, whenever you’re ready.  Seriously.
  • Kendra Wilkinson, telling America, “I don’t really care about elegance,” is not the formula for winning “Dancing With The Stars”
  •  Yes, I just made my first “Dancing With the Stars” reference on Chi-Guy.com.  You’re welcome.
  • Starlin Castro, this is going to get awkward.  When you go on road trips I miss your laugh.  I miss your smell…
  • That baseball team they have in Colorado is the real deal.  They have the best record in baseball (12-3 as of this writing) and are missing their ace who happens to be one of the 5 best pitchers in the National League (Ubaldo Jimenez).  Their team is build around speed and on base percentage offensively.  They’re well rounded players that are good at everything without major holes in their games – i.e. no homer or bust mentality or all stick-no glove players (other than Giambi).  Are you taking notes Jim Hendry?  You’re starting to collect these type of pieces with Castro/Barney, keep heading down this route please.
  • Brett Jackson is currently hitting .441 at Double A with 8 walks and 5 stolen bases.
  • Josh Vitters is hitting .353 with 2 homers and 10 RBI in 10 games right alongside him.
  • Blackhawks… I don’t think I’m emotionally equipped to get into this right now as I’d prefer to write a proper eulogy in the next few days for the 2011 season.  I will say that things weren’t looking good from the outset.  Since the puck dropped in game one, Vancouver had a plan and executed it.  They came out swinging and crashed the Hawks every chance they got.  In game two the Hawks mentally were telling themselves that they need to get physical but by that point Vancouver had moved on and had a new skilled/puck moving approach.  Basically Vancouver set the tempo and the Hawks have been playing catch up ever since.  Last week Bobby Hull took a shot at Coach Q on the radio (sacrilegious I know) blaming him for the boys not being prepared this season.  I gotta stay I’m starting to agree with him.
  • Marion Hossa, see the note to Carlos Boozer above. 
  • Corey Crawford, no one is talking about it but you’re not exactly making us forget Antti Niemi just yet.
  • White Sox fans, don’t jump.  It’s going to be ok.  As the weather warms so will your offense and few teams in the league will be able to go toe to toe with you.
  • As for the Matt Thornton situation… yeah that’s not getting better any time soon.  He definitely falls into the Dave Chappell “Stay In Your Lane” Theory.  This is a Bill Simmons thing so I don’t want to steal his thunder but basically Jeff Ross, Roast Master extraordinaire, wanted to do something different with his career and move on from the Celebrity Roasting gig but Dave Chappell told him, you’re the best at what you do.  Why would you want to screw that up?  Stay in your lane.  Matt, you were a shutdown 8th inning guy that I don’t think anyone would say necessarily has closer stuff, but once Bobby Jenks left logic would tell Ozzie to just shift everyone in the bullpen back an inning.  Didn’t work.  Cut the chord now while you still can.
  • Sam Fuld – good kid done well in Tampa.
  • Saw The Conspirator this weekend.  Worth a viewing but might suggest you wait for HBO to pick it up in 14 months.  I’m a sucker for good American history.  I’m still waiting on a good Abe Lincoln bio-pic Hollywood – how is it that this hasn’t been made yet?

Ok, Bulls game is starting.  Remember you read it here first on that Bulls by twelve line.  If things go as planned tonight I’m taking The Wife to Sizzler tomorrow.