Everything in life has a purpose (except mosquitos).  Here are a quick few items that I think demonstrate a salient purpose this week:

  • Rob Letterly wrote a piece for ChicagoNow this week that reminds folks not to miss the point of the Chicago Cubs this season.  The piece is good but I think the purpose of the team this year is so this guy can make inappropriate gestures on live TV at 1:30 in the morning:

  • The purpose of tasers that are issued to law officials and court security is to send as many volts as possible through alleged freedom fighters like this douchebag.  Take that camera and your eschewed knowledge of Constitutional rights some place else jerkstore:


  • The purpose of karaoke machines is for truly talented individuals such as this girl Zendee Rose (and similarly my buddy Todd) to share their talents with the world:

  • The purpose of Applebee’s is to provide constant comedic fodder for the rest of the food and drink industry.  All you college kids coming home for homecoming, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break, don’t be surprised when mom drops a, “you know what place I hear is really hip these days?” on you:

  • The purpose of Chi-Guy.com is to bring you every Call Me Maybe parody that I can possibly unearth:

It’s Friday, which means your purpose is to be gearing up for a fantastic weekend.  Here’s to blacking out and getting weird.  Happy Friday everybody!


Bears Prediction

As noted in yesterday’s column I do not think the sky is falling at Halas Hall this year.  I think the Bears come out and lay to wood on the Rams to the tune of 27-10.  The media then will spend the next week trying to figure out which is the real Bears team this year – the one that smoke the Colts and Rams or the one that got licked by the Packers?  It will be a great lead up to a Monday Night affair in Dallas in Week 4.  Somethings are too easy to predict.

Bears Record: 1-1

Chi-Guy Record: 1-1 ( **you’ll have to take my word for it** )