Gosh darn it…

I don’t want to bring your Friday down or hang a dark cloud over your weekend but this story just flat out sucks.  Let me first clarify that I’m not one for getting swept up in things like this, but just this once I fell in hook, line, & sinker, and today I’m paying the price. 

Just four days ago I read this post on The Chive: http://thechive.com/2012/10/08/dave-on-wheels-an-inspiration-to-us-all-is-using-the-twitter-machine-properly-12-photos/

For those not into clicking links, the short of it is there’s this kid named David Rose who was born a deaf quadriplegic due to athetoid/spastic cerebral palsy.  A shittier hand in life he could not have been dealt.  But you know what?  He’s freaking amazing.  His attitude towards life goes to eleven.  He uses a tool called a Tobii that allows him to type based on what he is looking at on the screen (to the tune of four words per minute) and he runs a fantastic blog and Twitter feed.  He came onto The Chive’s radar on October 8th when he had all of 800 Followers on Twitter.  As of this writing (October 12th) @DaveOnWheels now has 13,800.  The Chive Nation showed up for him in full force and it was worth every minute.  If you have a Twitter account follow him now, or at least visit his page and scroll through his past tweets.  David is hilarious and insightful.  He refers to his medicinal drip as “angel spit.”  Awesome.  Despite having every reason in the world to get down on life, all he sees is the beauty. 

In these past four days Dave has been in the hospital diagnosed with pneumonia.  On Monday he gave his sister a letter that he wanted her to post if he didn’t make it out. 

Dave passed away last night. 

Here is his letter: http://daveonwheels.blogspot.com/2012/10/three-friends-and-whole-lot-more.html

Part of me wants to be angry at myself because this serves as a perfect case in point of why I don’t allow myself to get involved in these things.  I could have very easily just scrolled past that initial Chive post and gone on my merry way.  But another part of me couldn’t be happier that for ninety-six hours, this person that I never actually met, was in my life.  It’s crazy but I will remember David, who I know from the twenty or so tweets of his that I read, for the rest of my days.  His is a story of inspiration and courage that 99.99999% of us couldn’t even fathom.  Damn it all…

Again, sorry for the downer note here but I just felt this is something that more people need to know about.  I totally understand if you want to skim past this and get back to the stuff that hopefully makes you laugh, but maybe, just maybe, one or two of you out there will take the time to follow the links above and allow David Rose into your life for even a briefer period than he was in mine.  I can tell you that his is a story that has had as profound an effect on me as any, and it’s such a shame that it ended so quickly.

Rest In Peace Dave On Wheels.  Keep Calm and Chive On wherever you may be.