Given everything going on in the world of late I wanted to dedicate this column to that which matters most.  I’m talking about winning of course.  Charlie Sheen was on to something.  Winning is great.  Whether you’re competing in athletics, politics, eating, blacksmithing, or religion it’s always best when your side comes out on top.  With that in mind, here are the big winners of the last few days.

  • Nate Silver is the freaking man.  In case you’re not in the loop the man who took statistical analysis to the next level in baseball (he invented PECOTA) and runs a fantastic blog for the New York Times ( is the biggest winner of this election season.  Mr. Silver has applied his analytic skills to the political world of late and  called the presidential election this week to the electoral vote.  In fact the only race he got wrong was a Senate seat in North Dakota where a Democrat upset a Republican in a staunchly Republican state.  He freaking killed it.  Silver has been saying for months that Obama was going to win based on the public polling statistics which he fed into his model.  Obviously the other side considered him biased and claimed he was using “magic” and “scientific gooble-de-gook”.  Others would call it math but regardless, at the end of the day Silver was as spot on as one could be.  Well done Nate.
  • This nine year old girl – Sam Gordon – won the internet this week and is in the process of winning the hearts of every women’s rights advocate in the country (as well as everyone else for the record)

  • This guy wins what I will call the Woody Award.  I’ve got this buddy named Woody who things like this happen to at a fairly regular clip (sorry Woody but it’s true) 

  • You want to know who the big winner in Hollywood is these days?  Robert Pattinson.  I’m calling it now that his whole “back together with Kristen Stewart” thing is a total farce for the sake of publicity for the last Twilight movie which comes out next week (he probably got paid a good chunk of extra cash to play nice leading up to the premiere).  My guess is that in reality Kristen is dead to him now and in reality he’s ripping through starlets on the sly while he plays the “woe is me, I got cheated on publicly by my famous girlfriend” card.  If we’ve seen it once we’ve seen it a thousand times.  I’m sorry, I had to get that off my chest.
  • This sea otter wins a rare battle versus a pod of killer whales.  These fisherman were in the right place to catch the whole thing.

  • The states of Colorado and Washington won the right to smoke pot.  Meanwhile Maryland and Maine have legalized same sex marriage.  Good for all of you but the biggest winner of all is the porn industry as voters in California have mandated that male porn actors have to use condoms in all movies going forward.  Wait, what?  That’s not a win?  I don’t know anything about this topic.  Seriously… 
  • This kid (Michael Oliveri) wins life

Happy Friday Everyone!!!! 

Bears Prediction

This is it kids, the very rare mid-season, lots of national hype, big game that truly is a big game.  The 7-1 Texans come to town Sunday night with an axe to grind with the NFC North.  Their only loss came to Green Bay in a game in which they were embarrassed in primetime.  Kind of sounds like another team we know.  Well on Monday morning the national media is going to be hyping up the winner of this game as a true Super Bowl contender from their respective conference.  Both teams have fantastic defenses  with game changing players scattered across the field (read this USA Today feature on my fellow Badger and man crush JJ Watt).  Expect Brandon Marshall to have his hands full with Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph all night as well.  I think this game comes down to the Bears being able to stop the run on defense and having a second receiver emerge as a legitimate threat.  If this game were in Houston I think this may be a different story but on Sunday night I think the Bears fans bring the noise, Arian Foster gets bottled up, and Earl Bennett steps up in a big way (although I wish we’d be able to look back at this game as Alshon Jeffery’s coming out party, but alas Earl will have to do with a big play from Hester mixed in).  Call it Bears 23 Texans 20.

Bears Record: 7-1

Chi-Guy Record: 6-2