Hi all – I’m off first thing in the morning for a nice roadtrip through Indiana and Ohio for the next two days but I wanted to get this into the public consciousness while I can… the Bulls won one game.  All day long (well not all day if you’re my employer) I’ve been reading the paper, highbrow online commentators (like myself), and the windbags on the radio and the idiotbox with the general consensus being that the Bulls victory last night was a precursor of an inevitable sweep of the Heat. 

As fun as that is to think it’s just not the case.  Listen, I sat on my couch like the rest of you last night and yelled audibly each time Taj Gibson framed a personalized poster, laughed when CJ Waaaaaaattsssssson chucked up a three as the shot clock expired and it swished through the twine because it was just one of those nights, and marveled at the team defense that was on display but let’s take a deep breath here.  One game does not a series make. 

From Charles Barkley saying this Bulls team is the greatest defensive team he’s ever seen (really?), to John in Waukegan betting his life savings that the series doesn’t come back to Chicago, I just want to make sure we collectively pump the brakes as a fan base.  They still have LeBron and Wade.  Those two single handedly have won several games, and even playoff series in their careers.  I have confidence in Coach Thibs and Derrick’s even keeled-ness and am sure they will not rest on their laurels just yet but if you’re going to be in the United Center Wednesday night you better bring the rain yet again like Jim Corneliuson – does he have the best job in the city?  I think so… 

Last night was a thing of beauty.  It was everything you could ask for as a fan of team sports and the concept of a group overcoming a collection of individuals.  I also thoroughly enjoyed The Wife making the Chris Bosh looks like an Avatar connection.

So let’s appreciate last night for what it was and remember that if the Heat win on Wednesday they’ve done their job and taken home court advantage back to Miami. 

Do I think that’s going to happen?  Nahhhhh… these Bulls could beat the ’86 Celtics on an off night, but still you can’t just take it for granted.  That’s why they play the games.