It’s December 21st and Chicago is experiencing its first “winter storm” of the season only in today’s day and age a winter storm means high winds and rain.  What is this world coming to?

In Canada monkeys are wearing clothes and eagles are stealing babies.  In America our safest havens for children are no longer as safe as we once thought, and those we have selected as leaders cannot agree which way to steer the country when it is headed straight over a cliff.  North Korea is firing missiles, Whitney Houston is no longer with us, and if the Mayans have their way this may be the last thing you read on the internet (I’m sorry for that last one).

One could sit down and really get bummed about the state of things these days.  It’s at moments like these that I turn to some of the sagest advice I’ve ever received.  It’s source?  Mr. Rogers’ mother of course:


That Mrs. Rogers was one hip hip lady.  Her words are incredibly inspiring if you think about it.  Every time these horrible events in life happen, take a step back and watch how the human race responds.  For every time an individual or an act of nature takes the fate of others into their own hands, there is always an outpouring of goodwill from others that is measured in multiples of that of the negative force.  It’s because of this that good always wins.  Sure evil will often strike first and perhaps win the odd battle but at the end of the day good is the victor of the war.  It’s not an opinion, it’s science.

So this holiday season be grateful for all the good in your world and take notice of those around you working on behalf of good as well.  From the guy ringing a bell in front of your local store (when he could be at home with his family) to the woman purchasing a few extra toys to donate to a child somewhere who will not receive any, think of Mr. Rogers mom, and you’ll receive all the help you need to remind you how good people can be.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your time with loved ones next week.

 Bears Prediction

I’m sticking with my gut from last week.  The Bears dropped the Packer game in predictable fashion and now I see them heading out to the dessert to collect a win for the sole purpose of getting our collective hopes up for making the playoffs.  I think they’ll win Sunday in a shaky enough fashion that we’ll all be happy they won but we’ll question just how good they really are after only beating the lowly Cardinals 17-9.  This will leave them at 9-6 with a win-and-you’re-in game in Detroit the following week.  That is the game the Bears will eventually lose to fully crush our spirits.  It makes too much sense to me.

Bears Record: 8-6

Chi-Guy Record: 9-5