Happy Thursday everybody.  We’ve made some changes around these parts at Chi-Guy.com that I hope you enjoy (by “we” I mean my buddy Jim who made this whole thing possible).  Going forward you’ll be able to “Like” any individual post on Facebook (I understand that to be what the kids are doing these days) or similarly you can Tweet a link or do whatever it is that you do with something on Google+.  The Comments section has been enhanced as well to filter out a lot of spam that I receive resulting in long purging efforts to clear out the queue and finding some legitimate Comments intermixed that never got published in a timely fashion.  Now we’ll know if those male enhancement websites really did think my post was, “Grate writing.  I really learned a lot about the subject you have wrote about.”   I even updated my Twitter profile pic to that of my mentor.  The times they are a changing in Chi-Guy Land…

I figured it was time for a little refresher from a feature and format front, but fear not the content will continue to sustain a healthy balance of mediocrity.  This I can promise you.  I got to thinking that it was time to tidy things up a bit around these parts as if you’re not growing and evolving then you’re dying.  I say that often in business but you know where it’s not applicable?  In my hygiene.  Well, maybe hygiene is the wrong word as I wash regularly (using soap and everything!) but as I head into my thirty-second year on this planet I feel as though I was sold a bill of goods about pimples exclusively being a product of puberty. 

The morning of December 21st (my last day in the office before the holidays) I woke up with a nice red bump just to the right of my mouth.  I did the only natural thing and tried to spray my bathroom mirror with it’s contents before going to work but couldn’t get a good angle and never was able to unroot the source.  In the process I did manage to make it twice as large and red as it began in turn making hiding it from anyone’s gaze impossible while heading into the holidays.  By the 26th that pimple had finally begun to retreat to the demon hole from whence it came, but it’s angry cousin decided to rear its ugly head, this time in the exact same spot on the left side of my mouth.  I looked like a campy seventies cartoon.  Thirty-two years old this year everybody. 

Today when I got back to my office a co-worker asked if my pimple migrated across my mouth over the break.  I explained the story and his response was the classic silver lining, “well at least it’s not a herpe.”  So I have that going for me.  It’s the equivalent of a doctor looking at a mole and telling you, “good news, it doesn’t appear to be anything to worry about because it’s raised and has a hair growing out of it.”  For those who don’t know apparently those are good things when checking your moles because even cancer knows how unattractive that is.  It’s the ultimate good news-bad news scenario, instead of cancer you have a hairy mole.  Yeah….? 

I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than looking for a venue to bitch about still having to deal with pimples in my third decade.  I didn’t take Creatine in high school and I even use a separate face wash in the shower.  I’ve led a good life, what did I do to deserve this torture?  What’s next, is a second testicle going to drop or something? 

I’ll keep you in the loop as things progress as long as you continue to keep clicking through the site.  Who knows, maybe next year I’ll even change the banner to something more apropos… 

Chi-Guy.com – The Internet’s Pimple That Won’t Go Away (but at least it’s not a herpe)