I’ve got a suprise for you… I was all set to hand over controls of the site to my buddy Tito for a first-hand recollection of his most recent trip to the Kentucky Derby earlier this month.  My buddy who was tasked with this charge is one known for stirring the pot and inevitably making any trip an “experience.”  He’s definitely embraced the collecting stories approach to life with the one caveat being that more often than not his adventures need to be conveyed to him the following morning to be commited to memory.  A group of us rented an RV back in 2006 and drove down to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby and my love affair with the event was born.  Over a three day period we embraced booze, debauchery, and general tom-foolery to the Nth degree to the extent that when I ask most any member of the trip if they’re interested in repeating it each spring it’s met with a laugh and a resounding “NO.”  My friends are pussies. 

This spring however Tito took the leap and pointed his compass to Louisville the first weekend in May and I resigned myself to having to live vicariously through his experience.  I told him I’d hand over creative control of Chi-Guy.com to him to recap the hilarity that ensued and the perspective he’s gained on the Derby in the past five years.  Instead, this is what I received via text last week after my three week grace period as an editor had expired:

Tito’s Text:

I don’t know how you find the

time to do all that writing.  You

must just hammer it out.  Needless

to say, I didn’t find the time.

Started to plan it out, but it would

have been so long, and I haven’t had

time to sit and focus on it.

But it was essentially the same as

our derby.  Even parked in the exact

same spot.  More betting, less beads.

Definitely felt older.  Also after sobering up

I feel about as comfortable posting the

stories on the internet as I would

for those from our 2006 trip.  It was messy,

racist, exhausting, and passed in a flash, yet

EPIC.  Sorry I failed you.

Moral of the story – it sounds like the only thing that’s changed in five years is our reliance on texting.  Evolution at it’s finest.  Sorry good readers, maybe next year.

I am interested in your stories however.  A lot of the feedback I’ve gotten from readers around the country (shout out to the lovely people of Colorado and Pennsylvania – the highest # of hit generating States in the Union - Illinois, you need to pick up the pace) is that I should be getting more directly involved with the people.  So I encourage your Comments and emails and I’ll consciously begin to work them into regular bits and segments on the site.  Have you been to the Derby?  Do you have stories to share?  Well pass them on to me at chi-guy@chi-guy.com and let’s see how weird you get. 

Also, I am off to St. Louis for the first part of Memorial Day Weekend as I have a buddy getting married down there on Saturday.  For St. Louis being one of the closest “large” cities to Chicago geographically I feel like I don’t know the first thing about it.  There’s an arch, there’s a zoo, and a bunch of crappy sports teams.  That’s the extent of my St. Louis knowledge.  If you have any suggestions as to how I can fill my Friday night and Saturday during the day drop me a line and I’ll let you know how things pan out in this space early next week.  Enjoy the long weekend everyone, you’ve earned it.