Pardon me while I borrow from the famous ‘More Cowbell’ sketch when I say, this site has a fever, and the only cure is more readers!

As The Wife watches Julie & Julia tonight (p.s. to all DirecTV subscribers – all the movie channels appear to be free this weekend) I got to thinking about my little website here.  While Amy Adams becomes the #3 blog on (whatever the heck that is) she starts receiving all sorts of free stuff from her ‘fans’ as she continues to rip through Mastering The Art of French Cooking I can’t help but realize I’ve gotten bupkus from you all.  Not even a chest shot a la Mila Kunis’ bathroom pic in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  But that’s alright, the soft core porn will come.  I’m realizing that in order to get, you need to give, and on that I have lacked.  I quote the Beatles when I say that it occurred to me the love you take is equal to the love you make.  In this forum we’ll exchange ‘personal information’ for ‘love’ and… you get the picture.  With that in mind here’s a little bit more about the voice behind

  • I judge restaurants by the following:


  • I judge people by their knowledge of wine.  I admit it.  I’m not proud of it.  Heck, I’m not even a wine expert or even a wine-o (give me my scotch and whiskeys) but if you think of wine as ‘white’ or ‘red’, I think less of you.


  • I’m a huge snob about ‘finding things first.’  This flaw particularly manifests itself with music where I’ll support a band until they’ve hit the mainstream and then I typically bail.  But it takes place in other walks of life as well.  I hate to say it but when certain people in my life (who will remain nameless) turn onto something I tend to turn off.


  • I prefer a vodka martini to gin


  • I am an adamant supporter that you need to have a drink or know what you want when you order at the bar.  The Wife and I went through this early in our relationship where she’d want a vodka soda and inevitably the bartender asks what kind of vodka she wanted and we’d spend the next five minutes discussing her options.  Today she’s Effen Blackcherry and soda with a lime.  It just sounds better right?


  • If a trip is three days or less I only use carry on luggage


  • Not a big believer in deodorant and people tend not to care – or at least they’re polite and don’t say anything.  My pits don’t sweat, it’s a gift.  Ring around the collar is another thing entirely however.


  • This will be the only thing I’ll ever publicly agree with Matthew McConaughey on (aside from our shared taste in Brazilian models) but I once heard him say that he believes you need to sweat once a day.  Be that from taking a run, riding a bike, romping in the sack, doesn’t matter.  Sweat once a day and you’ll be fine in life.  I am down with that philosophy


  • I’m a sucker for crappy movies (The House Bunny is on and I’m distracted)


  • I am absolutely baffled by people who take an adamant stance against global warming and the fact that it exists.  I get how people on the Left get carried away and the picture of the polar bear on a floating piece of ice is not a direct result of your using hairspray.  I also understand why businesses don’t want to be forced to pay fines and fees if they don’t take certain eco-steps when similar companies in other countries don’t have to.  But when it boils down to it, we have one planet, what joy is there to be gained in damaging it?


  • I wish soccer were bigger in the US.  We Americans are great at whipping the rest of the world in sports we invented.  Let’s take them on at their own game shall we?  There’s a reason it’s called the beautiful game as there’s something magical about 11 players working in perfect harmony.  Watch the Spanish national team play sometime and tell me that’s not fun.  American soccer to date is like watching the 1995 New Jersey Devils and saying there’s no flow to the sport of hockey.


  • I like maps.  I think they’re neat.


  • My favorite color is green.  It makes my eyes pop.


  • Everyone who drives slower than me is an idiot and everyone that drives faster than me is a maniac.


  • I avoid medicine until it is absolutely a last resort.  I’m a firm believer that if my body learns to beat an illness then I won’t get it again. 


  • I’m a sucker for a female vocalist.


  • Guns are cool.  It’s a fact.  However I don’t think everyone should be walking the streets with them.  They should be reserved for special occasions such as defending your property from the British, hunting, and when you’re intoxicated.


  • I try my best to not use words like ‘ever’ when describing things.  I’m conscious of how In-The-Moment we are as a society and it bugs me.  If you pay attention to the NBA have you noticed how LeBron James went from overrated when he collapsed in last year’s playoffs, to the greatest player on the planet in free agency, to generally less than spectacular during the regular season this year, to better than Michael Jordan after the Heat beat the Bulls, to a consistent disappointment since his Game 4 disappearance in Dallas this week?  Let’s all collectively pump the brakes and have a little perspective.  Everyone feels the need to rush to judgment and put things in historical perspective as it happens.  Guess what, the first person to Tweet something neither wins an award nor are they necessarily right.


  • I do not have a Facebook page and do not anticipate creating one in my life.  I have yet to have someone make the case to me why it’s a good idea.  All I can see are reasons it can burn you.  I don’t Tweet either but could conceivably get talked into that just to workshop some of my one-liners.


  • I have no interest in Court TV nor the Food Network.  I just don’t.


  • I am a sucker for shows about animals however.  Plant Earth was like porn for me.  


  • I know this is controversial but I like the English version of ‘The Office’ better than the American edition.  Ricky Gervais is a genius.


  • I want no part of tapioca pudding, yogurt, or anything that has raisins in it.


  • I prefer Winter Olympics to Summer ones.



  • I could eat soup year round.


I can go on and on here but you get the picture.  I’ll keep dishing the dirt but I need something back from you.  You know, I showed you mine, you show me yours.  Drop some comments on this post with your feedback and thoughts or things that make you tick and I’ll keep the verbs flowing.  At the very least pass this site onto your friends as something exciting is happening here.  I want to take over the #3 slot on from some chick writing about her stolen recipes.  So if each person reading this tells five of their friends to read it, and then each of those friends tell three more friends… we could literally have seventeen people reading by the end of the month.  Which would be like the greatest thing EVER.