A lot has been made of the pursuit of perfection of late.  It started back around the holidays with a Lexus commercial that I saw and has continued through Thursday evening with the Blackhawks blanking the Blues 3-0 in St. Louis.  Along the way there have been numerous examples of various entities trying to keep themselves spotless.  Enjoy your Friday and continue to aspire the be as great as you can be.

  • In case you haven’t heard the Blackhawks have yet to lose a game in regulation this season.  They’re currently 17-0-3 and have collected 37 of a potential 40 points this season.  That is a mind-boggling start to a season.  I’ve got posts after post building up on this team so I won’t take up a lot of space here but for those just tuning in, watch the first twelve seconds of tonight’s game to understand exactly the level the Hawks are playing at right now.  It’s literally like men among boys.  Twelve seconds, all five players touch the puck, and the Blues might as well be renamed The Pylons.


  • This one goes out to all of you who are as infatuated with Jennifer Lawrence as The Wife.  If you didn’t get enough on Wednesday then I think this should put you over the top.  I must admit, Ms. Lawrence seems to be about as good as a twenty-two year old can get.

  • Based on the video below I think we can now say that the Harlem Shake videos have been mastered so can we all agree to stop making them now?

       I mean seriously, those are sooooo yesterday.  You’d have to be pretty out of touch to still be making them at this point.  Oh wait…

  • This kid has basically mastered life at this point…  (and the kid who says “you know what you should do…” has failed.  I hate these people who chime in on how someone should add to the incrediblness of their actions when they can’t match 1/10th of it)

  • Meanwhile this guy is the polar opposite of the kid above but both have equally mastered their crafts

  • These people have essentially mastered the game that we call Capitalism.  I wonder what they have in common…


So that’s the buzz about perfection these days.  I’m off to aim for the perfect weekend that entails lots of food, some quality time with the family, and some even more qaulity time with a couple fingers of Pappy Van Winkle.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!