This week The Wife & I are going tag team style.  As noted below, she came across a list of Movies That Cause Your Remote To Stop Working while fipping through the channels.  What this means is we’re looking for movies that no matter what point you come across them you stop what you’re doing and jump right back into their story line.  This idea has spawned several conversations at the Chi-Guy household since with the only resolution being each of us submitting our final top ten.  Please enjoy The Wife’s submission below and come back on Friday for my response…

After reading my favorite non-Chi-Guy blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere I was inspired by her post last week about movies you just have to stop and watch if they are on TV. So I asked our dear Chi-Guy for his list, which I hear is forthcoming and I also found it pretty easy to come up with my own.  Now the rule is: these have to be movies that you know you will stop on regardless of what you were previously watching and will watch on TV, even if you own it.  I have to say there is something very communal (and that so isn’t my thing) to know that you are enjoying this classic movie watching experience with all those other lovely souls like yourself all over the country.  So without further ado, here is my list, in no particular order, and my own little reasons why.   Go get some popcorn and enjoy the shows!

1.  Pretty Woman

I simply can’t help myself….I am a sucker for a good movie montage, especially one that involves a shopping spree, and when she learns what forks to use at a fancy dinner, and then that piano scene, even the TV sensors can’t ruin that moment!

2.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

 The lines are never ending, it is comedy gold….and I have never wanted to visit Hawaii more.

3.  Overboard

Once again I cannot help it.  I never claimed this was a critic’s choice list, so welcome to my little brain.  I can’t even tell you which scene I love more than others, I just think this is the darn cutest, mindless way to spend a Saturday afternoon, preferably in jammies, maybe with some ice cream.

4.  Bridesmaids

Finally a movie that shows how girls really behave….I would grab my hairbrush and sing right along with Kristen Wiig and Wilson Philips. Bonus: if I catch the bleached asshole scene, it gets me every time!

5.  Dan in Real Life

I think the movie is chicken soup for the soul….if I ever met Steve Carrell, I think I would have to hug him.

6.  Chocolat

 This is the one entry on my top ten list of “holiday movies”. I feel I can do an entire off shoot list just for movies for all sorts of Holidays, but this is more of a seasonal movie in my opinion, it is a Spring time confection not to be missed.

7 and 8.  Moonstruck  & The Godfather Saga  

Both make me hungry for red wine and pasta and I can recite entire scenes, they are never to be missed.  For those who have 6 hours to kill the Godfather Saga is a regular AMC gem that takes Godfather I and II and puts them in chronological order, it is truly brilliant and makes that Baptism scene that much more brilliant by the time you get to it….oh and poor Freddo…..

9.  50 First Dates

Full disclosure, Adam Sandler ranks a bit higher in my book than in Chi-Guy’s but even this one he will watch…..I realize it is also my 2nd Hawaii film on this list, and I have never been!  I will however break the rules of this movie list and turn away as soon as Drew Barrymore takes Adam Sandler out of her journal, from that point to the end, I cannot watch without crying…..I can even come in within 5 minutes of that scene, get sucked in and sob more than Chi-Guy at a Cubs World Series Victory parade (like that would happen).

10.  Ever After

Yes, welcome to the list again Drew Barrymore.  It’s a more girl powered, non-fiction Cinderella with Leonardo DaVinci as the “fairy god-whatever”. It is art, history, the Renaissance and love all in one nifty little package.  I can’t wait to watch it with The Wee-One someday. All I have to say is, give it a shot, I am not doing it justice.

Honorable mention goes to Step Brothers, Leap Year, Casino Royale, and my childhood love of Julie Andrews is manifested in both Mary Poppins and Sound of Music…..