God damn it…

One of the things I’ve learned in my short time authoring this site is that somewhere in this universe of ours there is a thing called balance.  Finding and achieving it is the true mastery of life, let alone any one aspect within it.  I do not claim that this website has any such grandiose capacity (yet), but in authoring 98.2748% percent of the content I truly do strive to find a proper balance between being well read and having an unique opinion that I can call my own on the subject matter at hand.  

Every so often however that line gets blurred.  Perhaps blurred isn’t the right word.  Once in a blue moon as I search for perspective I find a written piece that would appear to have been stolen stolen directly from my cerebral cortex.  Of course it is wrong of me to claim the misdeed to be on the part of the author who has already put pen to paper before me.  Envy perhaps is the better turn of phrase for the situation that I describe. 

With that said I remove my cap to Mr. Jesse Rogers at ESPNChicago.com for his recent season preview of the Chicago Cubs.  In so many ways I feel as though he has written everything I have thought about this team and the season that is to come.  Quite unfortunate really.  Any additional words I would spill on the subject would only re-tread over the points that he has already made, however they would have been much more verbose and less concise.  I’m even jealous of the whole When Things Count (WTC) bit.  Absolutely perfectly put.  Damn you Jesse Rogers.  I thought he covered hockey anyways?

In order to spare you the hassle of reading the same sentiment twice I will keep it short and sweet.  I think this team is destined for a 70-92 season and yet another year enjoying the view from the cellar of the NL Central.  What Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will never tell you is that this is part of the plan.  They need the team to bottom out one more time to ensure yet another high draft pick in the summer of 2014 for their re-stocking of the pantry to take full effect.  Losing on purpose is all but a death knell for ticket sales in professional sports, however I think the front office knows that they have a single year of house money – in the currency of the patience of the fanbase - to get this ship righted. 

The worst thing that could occur for the organization is for this team to pull its own verions of the 2012 A’s or Orioles and achieve beyond their means.  The goal is for the Nate Schierholtz and Scott Hairston’s of the world (as well as the Scott Feldman’s, Scott Baker’s, and if everything break right even an Ian Stewart) to perform just well enough to warrant a healthy return in trade at the end of July. 

This time next year Carlos Marmol will be off the books and Alfonso Soriano will be on his farewell tour (if not forwarding his mail already).  I can’t say what my crystal ball shows as to the future of Matt Garza, but I would be willing to wager that if he doesn’t fetch a fair price at the trade deadline then he becomes the 2014 version of Kyle Lohse with the Cubs waiting for draft pick compensation for whichever team opts to take him aboard. 

I count myself among those who still are believers in the plan.  The future looks bring with talent on it’s way promising a better tomorrow.  As a Cubs fan my entire life I’ve been training for this moment from the beginning.  Rule number one in the unofficial Cubs Way booklet that has never been written is that there’s always a reason to wait ’til next year.