It’s been a long time coming but I think the day is finally here.  With wars coming to an end and an economy on the mend many of the major crisis in the world have been brought to a simmer and the news of the day has turned to internal social issues.  Courts from California to Washington DC are debating the Constitutionality of gay marriage with anyone openly opposing its passing serving as excellent fodder for the nostalgic, look how ignorant we were in 2013! comments that inevitably will come twenty years from now.  It’s just a matter of time until we can agree that this really isn’t even an issue in the first place and our law makers can turn their attentions to items of significance, like you know, running our country.

At the same time there have been recent rumblings that at least one prominent NFL player will be coming out in the fairly near future.  While the NFLPA prepares for such an event the NHL proactively has teamed up with the You Can Play Project to openly accept anyone who wants to play their game. 

It’s an amazing time for the movement in the sense that there is seemingly new ground broken on a daily basis.  It truly is just a matter of time until the first male professional in a team sport steps forward to carry the torch for the cause into every beer drinking American’s living room on Sunday afternoons.

Sure there have been gay athletes in the past.  While in women’s sports the taboo does not seem to be nearly as prevalent, hell, there are Gay & Lesbian travel sites built around getting people to and from the LPGA’s Kraft Nabisco Golf Championship (aka Dinah Shore Week) in Palm Springs, CA every April.  Perhaps women are the more advanced gender after all.  As for the men it has somewhat come in vogue to come out once one’s playing career is over.  Various athletes from all the major sports have come forward once their careers are behind them, in many ways apparently feeling the locker room to be tighter confines than any proverbial closet. 

Most recently US born soccer player Robbie Rogers walked away from his English Premier League club Leeds United in February and announced his retirement and his sexual preference at the same time.  While just 25 years old and his play having been hampered by injuries the past few years, the general sentiment amongst the soccer community is that his coming out should have nothing to do with the end of his playing days.  We’ll see what Rogers chooses to do with his career but he has a very unique opportunity to make history by simply suiting up for one more game.

I think the time is here for an American to step forward and assume the mantle of the first openly gay male athlete.  Nike has already announced that they will full their full support behind the first recognizable male athlete to come forward, and surely other sponsors would follow.  This is not to say that the first man over the wall will come out unscathed, but the market is there and I believe and understanding and supportive audience awaits. 

We are living in a progressive age with social change becoming the standard within a younger, more tolerant generation that is of the belief that there are bigger battles to wage in this lifetime.  Every single one of the links above is to a story on the topic that has broken since February (aka two months ago).  It seems that we’ve been waiting for the last ten years or so for the first male American gay athlete to step forward, and based on the way the cultural winds are blowing today, I believe 2013 will be the year that man officially steps forward and welcomes us into a new ago of social and sexual tolerance.  It’s about time…

I want to take a very brief moment to let all of the people affected by yesterday’s events at the Boston marathon know that my heart and thoughts are with you today.  It’s horrible to say but my hope is that this was an act of a single unhealthy individual as opposed to a coordinated effort by parties overseas.  These are the real issues that need our social attention.  In the wake of the news of the bombings, it makes the sexual preference of any individual pretty inconsequential no?