To bring out Blackhawks celebration weeks comes to a close today with the parade through the city ending in Grant Park – a la the 90s Bulls.  I’d attend myself but after passing out due to claustrophobia and the heat after the ’98 Bulls Championship rally I think I’ve learned my lesson and will watch this one from the comforts of my couch.  Somehow my mom and her friends are going however so apparently they’re a lot cooler than I am (but we already knew that).  Regardless, the summer of fun has just begun for the boys in the Indianhead sweaters and their various days with the Cup.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see it appear at the Jimmy Buffet convert on Northerly Island this Saturday night nor at the last Cubs-Sox game of the year at US Cellular on July 8th.  Well, on second thought, the Cup handlers do have discretion of the Cup being put in danger so there’s a chance they may not let it go south of Roosevelt Rd. (zing!)  For those looking to get close to Lord Stanley’s chalice this summer I’d suggest opening a Twitter account and following the hashtag #cuptracker.

In the meantime I wanted to give a final tip of the cap to the Blackhawks for having such a memorable team, season, playoffs, and Finals series and game.  It was all around fantastic hockey and a living breathing commercial for the sport I love the most.  In my post on Wednesday I made not that I didn’t want to get caught up into the on-going internet war between hockey and basketball fans as to which sport reigns supreme.  I obviously have my biases but I fall into the camp that enjoys both thoroughly and see no need for one to be declared “better” than the other.  With that said the picture of the bar napkin below pretty much summarizes why I stand where I do. 

All you need to know...

Also, I get the sense that Pat Riley and Micky Arison (the President and owner of the Miami Heat respectively) didn’t go out of their way to express their appreciation towards the good people of San Antonio with quite the class that Rocky Wirtz and the Blackhawks did the people of Boston

Thank you once again Blackhawks, it was a fantastic ride and I look forward to re-charging our batteries over the summer before diving into the Cup’s defense this fall and winter.  Happy Friday everyone – enjoy your parade, you deserve it.