One of the perks/travesties of living life on the road is the random television that one gets exposed to.  At home The Wife and I have a bit of a routine as to which programs we watch and what channels we frequent.  When bouncing from Hampton Inn to Hampton Inn during the week however I learn about the vast sea of “other channels” that are out there.  By “other channels” I’m referring to the TLC’s, the Discovery’s, HGTV’s and NatGeo’s of the world.  While I tend to skip over these options in my home channel surfing they seem to be the prevalent options that are available in every hotel I visit.   

Generally speaking I call the programming on these channels my “travel shows” which I like to have on in the background as I work in my room, but much like herpes, I can’t imagine bringing any of them home with me and having to explain them to The Wife.  Admittedly these random stations have brought such classics such as Storage Wars and Duck Dynasty into my life for which I am forever grateful, I think things have gone a little too far.  Tonight I was (literally) exposed to The Discovery Channel’s program Naked and AfraidIt’s very real and it’s everything you would imagine it to be.  I feel dirty for having seen it and even worse for looking forward to the next episode.  My TV viewership has completely jumped the shark at this point.  Please don’t judge me.