We’re trying something new here at Chi-Guy.com today in introducing a new voice to the fracas.  FanDuel.com has offered to chime in with their two cents on the fantasy prospects of our beloved Chicago Bears right here in this very space.  At the moment we’re in the early part of our relationship where we’re still figuring out each other’s likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs, and are holding polite but firm conversations as to exactly who gets to sleep on the left side of the bed (it’s my better spooning position).  Like many of your friends I’m asking you, the loyal reader, for your feedback on my new beau but unlike most of them I’m interested in your true opinion rather than hunting for the responses I want to hear.  For the record FanDuel.com has great hair and they’re great with kids.

Without further ado, please join me in welcoming FanDuel.com to the Chi-Guy family and I’ll let you know whether this is just a one night stand or someone I’m planning to bring home to mom…  


How The Top Chicago Bears Look After Week One

As Chicago fans were celebrating a Week 1 victory over a tough Cincinnati team, fantasy football owners were keeping an eye on all of their talent to plan for the rest of the regular season. Many fans end up trying to draft at least one player on the Bears, so the question is, are they living up to early expectations? Here’s a look at the three most popular fantasy football choices, with an updated outlook after one week.

Matt Forte

When Forte rushed for a 1-yard touchdown in Week 1, fantasy football fans rejoiced. It appears as though Marc Trestman will give the talented running back opportunities all season long to pick up some short yardage touchdowns. That will add to his value, as he is already a guy capable of racking up plenty of rushing and receiving touchdowns. He was going around 15th in most leagues, but he could be a top 10 running back by the end of the season.

Brandon Marshall

Nothing much changed for Brandon Marshall after Week 1, as he did about what was expected against a solid Cincinnati defense. His value is always going to be higher in PPR leagues, but if he can catch eight passes and surpass 100 yards every single week, he will hold plenty of value. He’s going to be a top five receiver this season, barring a significant injury.

Jay Cutler

Is he a fantasy football starter? Probably not. However, he is worth keeping around in favorable matchups. He showed a lot of poise in the pocket against the Bengals, and he was able to throw for a pair of touchdowns and 242 yards. By now, Chicago fans know what to expect of Cutler, and he is talented enough to draft and hope he put in a top 12 type of season. For now, he hovers around that 15-20 range.