It’s been a pretty crazy last few weeks on this end.  I’ve been living out of some form of a suit case for fourteen of the past twenty days spread across four cities.  It’s been a hell of a ride but I must say the the feeling of sleeping on my own pillow last night cannot be beaten.  With all of the travel and activity I appologize as I feel the site has suffered a bit here of late but fear not, the good kid is back on the case.  In some senses it may be a good thing, a chance to re-charge the batteries if you will.  While I prepare some good new material I came across this video that I think warrants your review. 

In essence I am taking a good hard look at what I’m doing with my remaining jellybeans and have decided to dedicate as many of them to the things I love the most – my family, my friends, my job, and my creative outlets – being one of which.  With that said enjoy the following, count your own jellybeans, and come back in the days ahead for what hopes to be some very worth-your-while reading content.  And if you don’t mind brings some friends with you eh?