The Wife and I spent this past weekend in the one and only New York City as a nice little getaway from the work-a-day world.  While The Wife has been a frequent visitor to the biggest of apples, it was my first trip from a spectator’s perspective.  By that I mean I’ve been in New York physically for work purposes but I’ve never actually gotten to experience the city from a tourist’s perspective.  I’ve also had the good fortune to know a number of good friends who either are from New York originally or have found it to be their home at one point or another in their lives. 

From everyone mentioned above and then some I’ve always heard about how great New York is.  It’s the end-all-be-all of centralized civilization if you listen to enough people.  It’s Gotham and Metropolis rolled into one for christ’s sake. 

Historically I have written these people off as their braggadocios nature is, how you say… off putting.  I have one acquaintence, who shall remain nameless, who is so filled with New York homer-dom that he believes that every child brought into this world with the slightest interest in the sport of baseball dreams of an opportunity to someday play for the vaunted New York Yankees and playing professionally for any other team is simply a consolation prize.  It’s easy to not like these people.  But you know what?  They’re right (well except for the Yankees bit). 

New York is a remarkable place for those who have never been.  The island of Manhattan is all of 33.77 square miles and each and every inch of it is put to its maximum use.  I’m convinced that it would be a ten to twenty year commitment for an individual to attempt to visit every store and restaurant with Manhattan in its mailing address.  There is just endless activity and entertainment on each and every block.  For the most xenophobic of the New Yorkers who don’t comprehend why anyone would ever leave, unfortunately I think I understand their point.  Outside of things you can’t control such as the weather and the general cost of living (as well as horribly atrocious airports), there’s nothing that New York doesn’t have.  Their are niche shops beyond your imagination – my favorite being The Little Lebowski - and restaurants of varying price ranges of every ethnic cuisine that you could imagine. 

I could go on and on here waxing poetic about the city but I think that 87% of all bloggers on the internet are taking care of that for us already.  So consider me a believer and I look forward to my next visit to the unofficial capital of the free world.  The key will be to keep the wonders of this city our little secret ok?  I’d hate for its residents to get wind of what they’re sitting on as I fear it would go to their heads.