For all of you that were out in the cold and rain last night following your children around – hopefully with a Silo cup full of sins in hand – I figured we’d take it easy today as your recover the feeling in your extremities.  Another Halloween season is behind us now so let me give you one last trick and one last treat as we turn our attentions to turkeys rather than Twix.

The Trick

This freaks the shit out of me.  I’ve literally had nightmares about this baby since since seeing this video.  It’s like toddler Tron.   

The Treat

Two of our finest at work.  This was recorded back in 1997 (look at the hair).  Very interesting and thought provoking responses from Mr. Carlin as always and I think his very last comment at the end was rather prophetic.  Enjoy…

*** For those looking for my Bears pick, tune in Monday morning and I’ll include it at the end of that post since our boys will be in Green Bay that evening for their second game in the past 24 days.  I’ve got a hint for those who can’t wait however… it’s not going to be pretty ***