There was a time in the history of this website where the Quick Quips format was a popular crutch.  It allows me to empty the tank of a bunch of half-baked thoughts and tidbits that I think are worth sharing.  In looking back at this past year of posts I see that this will only be the fourth edition since the calendar flipped to 2013.  For that I apologize.  Please consider your Quick Quip itch scratched via the following…


  • On the Bulls: I’m not panicking, are you panicking?  Who said anything about panicking?  I think it’s silly that someone would bring up panicking if we all agree that we’re not going to panic.  The Bulls are still a good team, they’re just having trouble getting into gear.  Jimmy Butler – you’re now a starter in the NBA.  It’s time to come to terms with that.  Shoot the ball with confidence like you’re supposed to be there.  Everyone else, stop dribbling the ball of your feet, throwing to cutters who aren’t cutting, and generally acting like a junior varsity team playing in front of a gym full of co-eds.


  • This is pretty much the reason that Tumblr was invented.  Now that it has peaked I think it’s safe to shut it down.  Sad Etsy Boyfriends I salute you.  


  • On the Cubs: I spent a good number of words concerning my feelings on the current Cubs situation earlier this week so I’ll save you the lecture.  Rick Renteria is now the manager and he’s got my full support.  It’s now on the organization to give him the talent to reverse the W-L record of the past few years and bring this team to its promised destination of consistent contention.


  • I’m not a subscriber to the rules and reign of Hannibal, but whomever is responsible for this deserves to be drug into the town square and hung by their thumbs.   


  • On the White Sox: In case you haven’t heard, the White Sox very well may have made the acquisition of the off season before the hot stove had a chance to ignite the pilot light.  The signing of Jose Abreu has been met with some caution by the media, but I tend to believe everything Jonah Keri tells me and he seems to be a bit higher on Mr. Abreu than most.  Well played Rick Hahn, it’s going to be weird having a respected baseball mind running the White Sox.


  • We’re all going to end up working for this kid some day

  • I’m not sure how it took until 2013 for this to surface, but having read this article and the corresponding Reddit thread from which it spawned, I think that this warrants governemental intervention to ensure it is seen through – for all major sports.  What would spice up the doldrums of the regular season portion of any professional league more than incorporating a traveling belt?  It makes too much sense.   For those not into clicking links, basically the concept is that last year’s champion enters this season with a physical or metaphorical title belt (I vote that an actual tangible belt should exist for the record).  The first team to beat them takes possession of the belt after the game.  They hold it until someone beats them.  All of a sudden a meaningless Tuesday night game in November between the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors could incorporate the added element of the Bucks trying to steal the belt and the Warriors trying to defend if for their fifth straight game.  New records can be kept as to who held the belt longest.  It gives teams and fan bases a reason to celebrate when the playoffs are still weeks, or in some cases seasons away.  Make this happen Obama, like right now.  Perhaps it will draw some attention away from some of your own website glitches.


  • On the Blackhawks: They are the anti-Bulls right now.  Everything is going according to plan – including their injuries.  Marian Hossa is getting healthier by the game and guys by the name of Brad Mills are getting knocked out of the lineup to make room for the likes of Brandon Pirri and Ben Smith.  All is right with the world in the land of Indianheads.  This, for the record, is how you defend a Stanley Cup.


  • It’s Movember ladies and gentlemen, time to strap on the old soup strainer

Bears Prediction

Well I certainly didn’t see Monday night coming, did you?  It’s tough to say how the game would have played out had Aaron Rodgers stuck around for more than one drive but you can’t predict injuries.  So the Bears came out in the midst of the best case scenario that I laid out on Monday.  They’re now 5-3 and tied with the Lions and Packers for the division lead.  With a win in Lambeau the Bears gain an early tie-breaker with the Packers and the game this Sunday will go a long way to see where the season series with the Lions shakes out. 

Either way I think one of the NFC wild cards will be coming from these three teams (with the loser of San Francisco/Seattle taking the other).  Of the three, the Rodgers injury does not bode well for the next 2-4 games for Green Bay.  I also am not a fan of Detroit when they’re out of their dome and when the horse shoe dislodges from Matthew Stafford’s rectum.  Meanwhile the Bears are getting their starting quarterback back this week followed by former all-pro defensive tackle Jay Ratliff two weeks after that and Lance Briggs two weeks hence.  I can’t promise the production of any of these players (Ratliff specifically) but what I can tell you is that the Bears have the cavalry on the way in some sense while Green Bay and Detroit do not.  I like the Bears chances as much as any to still be playing football in January all things considered (technically I think Green Bay is the best of the bunch when all cylinders are firing but this year specifically, staying healthy just doesn’t seem possible in the National Football League). 

If the above statement is true then this Sunday is going to be pretty damn important to making it so.  As mentioned above I think the Lions are a different animal when playing outdoors and my guess is that is made apparent on Sunday.  In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is going to be known as “The Kyle Long Game” going forward.  I’m thinking that we’re about to see an offensive line go above and beyond to protect their injured quarterback.  In doing so I think Mr. Long is going to have to impose his will over Ndamukong Suh.  This is all speculation mind you, but you heard it here first if and when Long plants Suh in a memorable dust-up into the sod at Soldier Field.  It could be epic.

So my guess is that we’re in for another squeaker, one in which the Bears prove to be on top of both the animal kingdom and the NFC North.

Prediction: Bears 27 – Lions 24

Bears Record: 5-3

Chi-Guy Record: 6-2 (and 0-2 since bragging about starting 6-0 for the record)