I’m up in the great white north of Calgary and Edmonton this week where it has been a consistent -20 degrees Celsius which has been really neat.  There a good few inches of snow on the ground and it basically hurts to go outside.  So these cities have that going for them.  With that said it’s actually been a good time culminated by attending the heated & historic Oilers-Panthers rivalry clash tonight.  All you need to know is the tap beer at the Rexall Place (the Oiler’s stadium) is Molson Canadian and thus everything is right with the world.  While the in-game experience was a little too much 1990s time warp for me, all in all it was good to see how the other-half live (be very thankful Chicago - we have a very good thing going on West Madison Street).  Regardless I may have over-imbimed in said Molson’s and thus I need to get to bed.  I didn’t want to leave you without my crashing-back-to-Earth Bears forecast. 

Bears Prediction

The Rams have a very good defensive line.  The Bears recently moved up to be the 3rd ranked offensive line.  Assuming these two units play one another to a draw then I think the Bears can win every other phase.  The Rams are a bad team lead by former Jets castoff Kellen Clemens.  That’s really all you need to know.  While I’m still not on the bandwagon of those saying there’s no need for Cutler to come back because Josh McCown is the new savior, I do think this is a game Josh and the offense can win. 

Prediction: Bears 28 – Rams 17

Bears Record: 6-4

Chi-Guy Record: 6-4