We’re T-minus 6 days until Christmas is officially over, no one is working, the news cycle slows, and the internet fills with year in review summaries.  Please allow me to beat them all to the punch with the following video summary of the year that was.  2013 has been an interesting ride with incredible highs and unfortunate lows.  We’ve experienced incredible social change both domestically and abroad. 

On a personal front 2013 has been a bit of a transition year.  The calm before the storm if you will.  2014 has slated a new member of the clan, a new home, and potentially a new haircut.  That’s all still to come however so join me now in remembering the year that was.

Bears Prediction

Well this is it Bears fans.  While not technically an absolute must-win situation, it might as well be considered as such for both the team and we fans (something about this screwy season tells me there’s a good chance that the Bears, Packers, and Lions will all lose on Sunday in which all playoff implications would be pushed to next week).

Of late the Bears have had the Eagles number.  The Bears have won for of the past 5 games they’ve played head to head since 2007.  This is a new Eagles team however.  Under Chip Kelly and his innovative high temp offense I think you can throw out the recent history books.  As recently as a year ago you could take your money to the bank that a Brian Urlacher led defense was the kryptonite to Michael Vick’s offense.  Oh the changes a year can bring. 

The game on Sunday comes down to the degree that the Bears defense can contain the Eagles shifty running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy.  McCoy hung 200+ yards on the Lions in the snow two weeks ago and if he repeats that performance I think the Bears are toast.  Enter Lance Briggs however.  If Briggs can bring some semblance of his run stuffing prowess to the field on Sunday then I think the Bears have the fire power on offense to win in a shootout. 

Assuming both teams are fully invested (with the game being Sunday night the importance of this tilt to both squads will be directly affected by the games earlier in the day) I say the Bears win on the road and set the stage for one of the better Bears-Packers matchups in recent memory, playing in Chicago, Week 17 for the NFC North crown and a playoff spot.  The NFL is FAAAAANNNN-tastic!

Prediction: Bears 42 – Eagles 38

Bears Record: 8-6

Chi-Guy Record: 9-5