It’s back to work for me today after an astounding eleven days off during which I’ve reset me internal clock to sleep all the way until 8am (on the days where I don’t have to get up with the Wee One) and I’ve spent three entire days not getting out of my pajamas.  It’s been incredible.  With the way it ended I hate to see 2013 go.  Unfortunately, as with all good things it must come to an end and thus I look forward to the year ahead and all of the events that come with it.  In the next twelve months The Wife and I will be welcoming a new (and hopefully final) member of our family, building a new house, selling our current residence, taking a trip out to Montana, and potentially getting a haircut at somepoint.  We might even make it to Bed Bath & Beyond but I don’t know if we’ll have time.

With all that activity ahead I thought I’d share a few final thoughts and videos to summarize 2013:

  • For you news bloopers fans, here’s the best I could find from this past year that was

  • Things that I will not miss from 2013: Adults saying the word “twerking” with disgust, the song What Did The Fox Say?, the first trimester of pregnancy (those little embryos are battery drainers), & talk of bullying in the NFL. 
  • Here’s what Google thinks was important in 2013 – but what do they know?

  • And here’s a mash-up of the top songs of the year on YouTube

On second thought, maybe 2014 only has room to go up from here. 

Here’s to ya good readers.  Thank you for visiting for the first time or coming back on a fairly regular basis.  I appreciate your indulging my little project here and I promise to keep bringing the goods in between what promises to be a very memorable year on this end.