Every now and again I sit down to write a post and as I scroll the internet looking for inspiration I find a string of websites that basically say everything that I would hope to say.  As we head into Super Bowl weekend I’ve found more than enough examples of people who write the English better than me.

  • So basically there’s this (if you need a password to read then just skip ahead to the bullets below)
  • Speaking of Wisconsin, I haven’t heard any chatter about former Badger lineman John Moffitt who made news last fall when he quit the NFL after being traded from Seattle to Denver.  It would seem like that’s a pretty good story line to follow this week – a player who was on both Super Bowl teams at various points this season.  Oh wait, damn you Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
  • And then there’s this (why yes, that is shameless self promotion from June 2011)
  • In short it could get really uncomfortable if I was ever left alone in a room with Russell “The Real Honey Badger” Wilson.  He is my favorite player in the game Sunday by a factor of ten.  Unfortunately I truly despise just about everyone else who will be wearing the same uniform as him (and the guy wearing the headset on Russell’s sideline).  On the flip side I’m not overly thrilled with what I’ve seen from Denver.  Yes they’re high scoring but I think it’s got way more to do with their illegal picks getting off the line and the fact that they’re always playing from ahead.  I think a good defense (like the one Seattle fields) can really slow them down and I also think the Mr. I’ve-Had-Multiple-Neck-Surgeries-In-The-Past-Three-Years-And-Admittedly-Can’t-Feel-My-Throwing-Hand-When-It-Gets-Too-Cold Manning is going to have issues.  He was truly bad in the AFC Championship game last year when the temperature dropped and if New York gets any part of the weather we’ve had here in Chicago over the weekend then the Broncos will be playing with a severe disadvantage.  At the end of the day I’ve got no dog in the hunt Sunday but I guess I prefer Denver’s team and Seattle’s quarterback if that makes sense.  I’ll call it Denver 31-Seattle 28 when it’s all said and done.
  • Grantland’s Hollywood Prospectus on Thursday is what my Friday Fun columns aspire to be.  I found every item interesting.
  • And finally, Anna Kendrick.  That is all (thank you @JoeO670)

Have a great weekend everyone!