I apologize for the last of posting this week as I’ve been spending my days and evenings in the city of sin all week and terms like, “downtime” and “a good opportunity to blog” have been foreign concepts.  While not a huge Vegas guy, I certainly have had some fun and am always flummoxed by the extent of cheap artificial beauty in this town.  From the faux architecture to the cosmetically altered individuals filling the casino floors, the whole thing comes off as cheap and insincere.

It’s these full week trips that also make me miss The Wife and The Wee One more than ever.  So when I received the image below in a tweet earlier today it struck a chord and and made me miss and appreciate my lovely wife all the more.  While gorgeous in her own right it’s the person that she is that I love more than any superficial quality she may possess.  Whomever created this .jpeg had one hell of a smart tenth grade teacher.

Happy Friday everyone!