It’s been quite a weekend.  Since noon on Friday I’ve been to the zoo, played four hockey games (had a fifth scheduled but we won via forfeit), attended a wake, ran errands, went to dinner, threw my daughter a birthday party, endured the Badgers losing in heartbreaking fashion on Saturday night, had a showing for our house which is on the market, and got a splinter.  All were good times to varying degrees (except for the wake (obviously) and losing the championship game late Sunday afternoon) but I’m running on empty at the moment.  Let me re-charge the batteries a bit and we can get back to it later this week.

In the mean time, what’s with civilians who drive cars that look like cop cars?  They are the bane of my existence while on the highway.  If you’re in a position where you’re buying cars at cop auctions then I think you can take an extra few minutes to remove the weird light/mirror(?) on the driver side door or at the very least spray paint “I AM NOT A COP” on the hood and side panels of the vehicle.  It’s the penance you should have to pay for choosing to pursue this route for your motorized transportation.  They’re ugly cars in general and you’re ugly people for hampering society in the way that you do.

That is all.