I’ve got to be honest, this post is as much for selfish reasons as it is for your entertainment.  Below are a handful of videos and clips that are favorites of the Wee One.  She absorbs each of these videos like a fat person learning theirs is the last cupcake at a party.  So while this post may give you a keener insight as to my own background and the environment in which I am raising my daughter, the more important purpose of this post is to centralize all of these videos in a single place so that I can stop doing fresh YouTube searches every time I need one of these babies at my fingertips.  So with that being said, please enjoy the following.


In case you couldn’t tell I’ve got a thing for felt covered puppets and cartoons.  So please judge me as you see fit.  If you’ve got additional videos you’d suggest I add to our rotation please feel free to share them below.  Otherwise I’d encourage you to bookmark this page as a pacifying agent for the children in your lives.  We’re living in a modern age and it’s in your best interest to use all of the tools at your disposal when the situation calls for it to bring peace to your child and all those around you.