It’s late, I’ve been working like a dog recently, The Wife is in the homestretch of pregnancy, and just about every other facet of my life seems to be up in the air here of late.  Mostly these are all good things but forming cognitive sentences not I’m good at the moment.

So as opposed to a well thought out article with a clever take on something going on in the world I figured I’d basically just do a brain dump on you here.  Welcome back the tried and true Quick Quips format…

  • I think things have broken about as well as they could have for the Blackhawks.  Minnesota just finished a grueling seven game series in Colorado (with Game 7 going to overtime no less) forty-eight hours before the puck drops for Game 1.  The Wild have already overachieved just to get this far and I anticipate their having some degree of “just happy to be here” syndrome.  I think the Hawks roll in five.
  • The Bulls are not a complete basketball team at the moment.  While half of the game involves preventing the opposition from putting the ball into your basket, they do not appear to be equipped to fulfill the second half of the game’s objective in actually scoring at the other end.  This off-season they need to do whatever they can to find personnel that can help with the scoring part of the equation without hurting them too much on the defensive end.  I for one strongly believe Carmelo Anthony is not the missing piece to the puzzle.  I’ve watched Carmelo play a lot of basketball and his game shrieks to me that he will never be the best player on a championship team.  A fluid modern offense that is required in today’s NBA cannot function with a ball hogging chucker who is disinterested on the defensive end.  If I’m the Bulls and I have a Godfather offer to make this summer I’m going all in on pulling Kevin Love out of Minnesota.  Everyone but Rose and Noah are on the table.  Get it done Gar/Pax.
  • On the Donald Sterling front, this Kareem Abdul-Jabbar article from Time magazine and this Bill Simmons piece from Grantland put nice bookends on the story.  Now may we never give this dirtbag another flicker of attention.
  • The White Sox are a fun team to what.  I wish I had an “I Told You So” card to play…
  • Despite their poor record I’m totally ok with the Cubs progress to date.  Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro have both rebounded from disappointing years and appear to be back on track as building blocks for the new core at the major league level.  I am more than impressed with the Hector Rondon/Justin Grimm/Predro Strop combo out of the bullpen, and the starting trio of Samardzija/Wood/Hammel all have pitched their way to the point where the Cubs could justifiably receive a significant return in trade in two months if they choose to go that route.  This season isn’t about wins and losses but rather progress from some key contributors of the future.  With Wellington Castillo doing his part as well, the right guys are showing the kind of improvement the fan base should be looking for.
  • I absolutely love this clip.  I can’t watch it enough.  I can’t believe people would question Kevin Spacey’s sexuality after seeing him throw a baseball…

  • I’ll write a post next Thursday night either during or after the first round of the NFL Draft but I want to go on record saying that I want the Bears to select Aaron Donald, the speedy three-technique defensive tackle from Pitt.  I made no secret of my unhealth man crush on Tommie Harris in the mid 2000s and I can feel something move in my trousers when I watch Mr. Donald’s highlights.  Coupling him with Jarred Allen and the rest of the defensive line signings from this off season will make every aspect of the defense better by proxy.  No other position or player they could draft can make that claim.  So help me god if Emery takes some project with the 14th pick that played position X in college but the Bears feel he can play position Y on Sundays.  Granted I’ll tip my cap to their identifying Kyle Long last year but your first round pick should not a be a gamble year in and year out as it has been under the Emery regime.  Do the right thing here Phil.  Do the right thing.
  • Back to the Bulls – I don’t trade Tom Thibodeau unless I’m getting a top 5 pick in this draft.  Picks 10 or higher don’t bring an equal return for a perennial coach of the year candidate.

That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Have a fantastic weekend, stay dry, and know that warmer weather is on it’s way (it just has to be right?)