I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting in the three-plus years of this site.  You’ll have to excuse me as it’s been a busy two weeks.  The Wife & I welcomed our second daughter into the world last Wednesday morning and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  We’ve moved in to my in-laws full time (you read that correctly) and I celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  All the while every single one of us has gotten sick (aside from the one week old) and it all culminated last night when my oldest took it upon herself to throw up all over herself and my brother-in-law’s bed spread at 2am last night.  At present I’m hepped up on Tylenol Cold & Flu and am operating on literally no sleep.  Life is grand.

So while I’ve been living in my own personal typhoon the rest of the world has decided to continue to move on around us.  Because my cognitive skills are hovering somewhere below the Mendoza Line I figure it’s best to put on putting anything coherent together and rather I’ll default to the old tried and true Quick Quips to get caught up on the news in the world…

  • If I am the Bulls I am 100% in on Kevin Love this summer.  Those who are clamoring for Carmelo Anthony are misguided.  Anthony is a black hole on offense in the sense that when the ball lands in his hands it’s not coming out until he’s shooting and throughout his career he’s shown that the portion of the game we refer to as “defense” is nothing more than a necessary evil.  Kevin Love on the other hand perennially is in the chase for the league’s rebounding title while also being able to fill up the points column of the box score.  A triumvirate of Rose-Love-Noah is one that can compete for multiple championships over the next five to ten years.  Make this happen GarPax.  Throw the kitchen sink at the Timberwolves as soon as they pickup the phone.
  • This may be my favorite moment of the 2014 playoffs thus far:

  • I don’t understand the Derek Jeter love at Wrigley Field this week.  He’s a great player and a first ballot hall of famer.  No one is questioning that.  However for all of the memorable moments and eye-popping stats he’s accumulated throughout his career, just above 0% of them have come against the Cubs or have happened in this building.  Pay homage to a successful career but in my opinion four standing ovations and a parting gift were a bit over the top.
  • Remember the name Christian Jones Bears fans.  You heard it here first (or thirty-seventh technically).
  • Remind me again why anyone cares in the slightest what Pat Sajak tweets.
  • Hospitals are a weird place.  More to come on this front but I full understand why there are so many TV shows about them.  The number of story lines are endless.
  • During any prolonged stay in a hospital I cannot say enough about diving in to a binge watching session of a television show that’s passed you by.  It’s the perfect forum for it.  On that note, Hose of Cards is really good.

Alright.  Seeing as how I just fell asleep on my keyboard so I’m going to call it a night.  I have every intention to dive back into posting at a regular clip once again starting next week.  Thank you for your patience and wish me luck surviving the next one hundred and sixty-eight hours.