Sooo… long time no talk huh?

It’s been a busy few months on this end with the birth of my second daughter, the sale of a house, the (ongoing) construction of a new one, moving in with my in-laws, still living with my in-laws, a recovered economy keeping me running at work – at one point traveling for six straight weeks, we took a vacation to Montana, and did I mention we’re still living with my in-laws?  Somewhere in there I accepted the opportunity to take my writing over to the ChicagoNow community.

I make this move with some trepidation as I’ve taken a lot of pride in this here site over the past 3+ years but in many ways I’ve felt like a single bottle bobbing along in the great sea of the internet.  I think joining a network of bloggers in a more established forum will have its benefits but the minute “the man” cracks down on me for controversial content I’m getting out of there so fast… (I reality Jimmy Greenfield and his staff have been great to work with and could not be more impressive in their helpfulness and in the strength of the organization they’ve built).

To see my new digs please check out the new site and bookmark it, share it, Friend it, and do all those other trendy internet things that the kids are doing these days:

My plan is to keep up and running for the foreseeable future and my intention is to still post here with content not necessarily fit for the ChicagoNow crowd.  I’m just not 100% sure how often and what materials that will necessarily be.

In the meantime however I wanted to just take a moment once again to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for taking a few precious minutes to read what I’ve written in this space.  Whether you just happened to pass through via a link you found in the Comments section of a snuff film site or if you’ve been a regular reader since the beginning, I know how valuable your time is and how many websites are out their craving your clicks so the fact that you chose to spend your time absorbing something I’ve created could not be a bigger honor.  Thank you again for all of your support and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen here to date then please re-set your bookmark and join me as I plunge my needle into a more mainstream vein.  Let the good times roll…