Pretty crazy times here in Chicago.  No more Kosuke Fukudome (what am I going to do with my “Horry Cow” t-shirt now?); it’s too hot but the rain keeps falling at record levels; Jay Culter can’t keep a fiancé nor a best friend; the White Sox are getting used like jimmy caps in their own transactions; while the Bears can’t find anyone to take their money.  Strange days indeed. 

When I can’t make sense of the world I turn to more things that I can’t explain.  Some things are just weird so you might as well laugh and enjoy it.  With that said may I present to you the Wooden Legged Goats…

There’s no way that’s a survival instinct is it?  These things would get eaten up in bunches if they had to make it on their own in the wild.  How is it that nature brought them to our domestication doorstep?  You’ve got to figure that finding farmers that have fences and pens for them that allow for protection is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the Wooden Legged Goat.  Kind of flies in the face of all the PETA and “animals are meant to be free” folks out there doesn’t it?  They remind me of Rango’s girlfriend in his self-entitled movie.  What?  You didn’t see that?  

Happy Friday everyone.