By the time that you read this it is probably Friday morning and I’ll be in jail.

We’ll not jail really but that’s a pretty good initial hook right?  Kinda like William Miller’s opening to his story for Rolling Stone in the movie Almost Famous, “I’m flying high over Tupelo, Mississippi with America’s hottest band… and we’re about to die.”  In reality I’m going to be in traffic court Friday morning as my understanding was that speed zones in work areas were only enforced when workers are present.  Cops really need to have a better sense of humor at 11:45 at night because I was giving him my “A” material and he was having none of it.  Anyways, it’s off to court for me where I am planning to smuggle in my iPhone to watch videos until my turn to plea for my freedom arrives. 

With that being my day I thought you might like to join me in spirit so please enjoy the following…

This is the first of a few videos here that work a little, how should we say, blue.  Anyways a reader sent it to me after my ventriloquist joke on Wednesday.  1.8 million people can’t be wrong can they?  Don’t answer that…

There’s no way this is real right?  It’s not so much the juggling as much as the fact that a ginger is talented enough to pull it off.

I bet you didn’t know that the Cubs Class A affiliate in Daytona, FL won the ubber-competitive Florida State League this week and that their AA team in Tennessee is playing for the AA Championship next week did you?  Help is on the way Cubs fans.  Please allow me to introduce you to Jae-Hoon Ha, a Korean import coming to an ivy covered baseball stadium near you by 2014.  Start coming up with your racially inappropriate t-shirts and memorabilia now.

This Russell “Honey Badger” Wilson thing up in Madison is gaining some steam America.  The Badgers are coming down to Soldier Field to roll Northern Illinois on Saturday afternoon and I want to see some t-shirts and signage in action please.  The first person to send me a picture of the t-shirt/sign they create honoring the Honey Badger gets a free drink from me at an establishment of your choosing in the Chicagoland area.  If your sign/t-shirt makes it on TV Saturday I’ll provide all sorts of services which I both cannot get into detail on in this space and that I will fully deny if asked about afterwards.

This one I can neither take credit for nor can I publicly support but I’ll post it anyways.  My friend B-Rad submitted this to me last week and after a couple cocktails on Saturday night I promised him I’d put it up on the site.  I apologize in advance.  Mom please click back to now before the video begins playing.

Happy Friday everyone and be sure to stay warm.  Summer blew through town like a fart in the wind this year didn’t it?

Bears pick for Sunday Sept. 18: Bears 27 – Saints 17

Season Record

Chi-Guy: 0-1

Bears: 1-0