Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday.  There’s absolutely no pressure or pagentry - you just get together with family on a chilly fall day, have a couple cocktails, watch some football, and eat what is most likely the biggest meal you’ll sit down to during the year.  There’s nothing not to like. 

With that in mind I’m in high spirits despite the fact that the Cubs are going to be getting hosed with the MLB new trade agreement as handing out huge signing bonuses to players you draft and picking up international players on the open market are going to be no-no’s going forward (which is basically Theo’s blue print on how to revive the organization); The NBA lockout is purely infuriating; I’m not a big fan of the movement to sign Kyle Orton (it totally takes the legs out of any momentum Caleb Hanie may have built up); and the Hawks have been laying eggs all over western Canada this week.  

All of this matters not.  It’s Thanksgiving.  Eat, drink, and be merry.

…and don’t look like an asshole that doesn’t know how to carve a turkey

As for the Bears this weekend I think they ride the ”nobody believes in us” wave to another victory in Oakland.  For at least this first week AC (After Cutler) the world will be watching how the boys respond and I think they step up in kind.  More so than Hanie, look for names like Wright and Conte (I don’t want to get ahead of myself but we may have found our starting safety combo for the next 5-6 years here – big fan of each), Tillman, Briggs, and of course Urlacher stepping up and reminding us all why we were convinced Carson Palmer was an untalented hack these past three seasons.  The offense will just do enough and the boys will head home from the west coat with a win in hand.

Prediction: Bears 24 – Raiders 10

Bears Record: 7-3

Chi-Guy Record: 6-4