There are few things I truly enjoy in life; a clever interpretation of eggs benedict, a rousing rendition of the National Anthem, ivy on the walls and a pitcher helping his own cause, making fresh tracks in the back bowls of Vail, and discovering a band and pimping them to no end until turning 180 degrees as soon as they start to swim in the mainstream.  One item I did not mention, and perhaps most importantly, is receiving a paycheck from my wonderful employer.  So it is with that in mind that I would like to introduce myself to the blogosphere under the anonymity of Chi-Guy. 

After four formative years around the turn of the century receiving an education, and also attending classes in Madison, WI and abroad, I entered the working world and did some writing on the side through The Second City in Chicago.  While achieving far greater success scoring mileage from that experience in conversation at the late night establishments and as a pickup line on North Ave. Beach in my early twenties, a fire was lit that if for nothing other than personal gratification I feel necessary to continue to fuel.  If all goes well the reading public can embrace my endless wit and charm to the tune of a book deal, then a development retainer with one of the studios, a signature fragrance, and preferably a handful of cameos in rap videos to ensure my street cred stays intact.  I really don’t think that’s asking too much.

The challenge in this new medium – I think this blog idea may catch on by the way – is to differentiate oneself from the masses.  I figured I would introduce the idea of short videos to the internet but I heard about a guy that already tried that I guess.  My next thought was to post pictures of scantily clad women as I could see young men ages 12-79 that spend the wee hours on the computer being interested in ogling the jezebel of the moment, however again I found myself slow to the draw.  So I will follow the direction of every English teacher from my upbringing and plan to write what I know – as opposed the post-No Child Left Behind educational mantra of: write what will provide funding. 

I welcome you to join me as I apply my slightly eschewed take to the Chicago sports and social scene and the world at large.  Mine is that of the view of the fan and commentating on the commentary of the day.  Don’t turn to Chi-Guy.com for breaking news, a Facebook update, or a Tweet on the hour, but rather for a daily dose of Intelligencia grade enlightenment.  Join my darling wife – hence forth addressed as The Wife – my adolescents-with-wedding-rings friends, ever expanding family, and those who stand in line behind me, order at the next table over, and/or fill the casting call for extras in the world in which I reside.



P.S. – For those asking, no, I am not this guy but dear God do I wish I were…